Office of Management and Budget
Issued on March 16, 2017


The White House published their first budget document on March 16th, and it detailed many cuts and increases for the 2018 budget. President Trump’s “skinny budget” only includes changes to discretionary spending, like a 28.7% cut to the State Department’s budget. President Trump plans to slash almost 2.5 billion dollars from programs that aid foreign investment to slow climate change, as well as a decrease in funding to United Nations peacekeeping and relief programs. Additionally, Trump plans to slow funding to the World Bank, educational programs, and many poorer nations because they lack “strategic importance to the US.” LEARN MORE


This budget could be one of the most destructive budgets for the State Department in decades, despite Secretary of State Tillerson weakly defending the cuts. President Trump’s shift from traditional diplomacy to one of military power is almost as dangerous as his obsession with countries “paying their fair share.” With such large cuts to its budget, the State Department will recede from many critical areas in the world (while still maintaining $3.1 billion to Israel), and this will undermine years of democratization and peacekeeping efforts. While Trump claims to prioritize security, crippling the State Department’s budget will only weaken and destroy our international position. LEARN MORE

Engagement Resources

  • Center for American Progress – A nonpartisan progressive institute that works to raise awareness about global issues and work with legislators to craft important policy.
  • Freedom House – A watchdog group that helps promote civil liberties and facilitates democratic peace in order to assure freedom throughout the globe.
  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs – A federal bureau, which would be dismantled under the current budget proposal, that aims to establish congenial relationships between American citizens and citizens of other countries.

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