Proposed Policy
Announced on September 8, 2016


By combining $20 billion in federal funds with $110 billion from the states, President Trump plans to install a nationwide school voucher program that would provide students living in poverty with $12,000 to put towards a school of their choice. School options would include public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home schooling. Trump has said the funding would come through cuts to the existing education department budget, leaving many almost certain that this would mean dismantling the current $14 billion federal Title 1 program which sends additional funds to districts serving at-risk students. LEARN MORE


Not only is there the fear that the voucher program would eat away at the separation of church and state, utilizing taxpayer dollars to pay for students’ education at religious institutions, it would bleed the existing public schools of their dollars, sending children to unregulated for-profit institutions. Research shows that voucher programs do not necessarily improve academic achievement. In three studies, students from Ohio, Louisiana, and Indiana who utilize vouchers to attend private schools saw a significant loss in academic achievement. If “school choice” is to be pursued, some say the less “private” the institution the better. LEARN MORE

Engagement Resources

  • Contact Your Elected Officials – Policies such as the voucher program cannot pass without legislative support!
  • National Coalition for Public Education – The NCPE has declared that if action is taken to implement a voucher program, they will not be silent. The group’s mission is to defend the public school system.
  • Network for Public Education – Become a supporter of the Network for Public Education to receive their plethora of reports, newsletters and action alerts regarding the importance of public education.

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