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TPP Withdrawal

Deal Withdrawal Withdrew in January 2017 Policy Summary Throughout Obama’s presidency, he continued to try to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership passed through Congress. As a result of this bill, a free trade deal would be signed by 12 other nations (Canada, Mexico,...

Federal Hiring Freeze

Executive Order Issued on January 23, 2017 Summary President Trump’s issued an executive order that installed a 90-day halt on the hiring of federal employees. The executive order ensured that no vacant positions could be filled and banned the creation of new...

U.S. Senate: The Obamacare Replacement Act (S. 222)

Proposed Legislation Proposed on January 25, 2017 Summary Senator Rand Paul’s proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act does not include a personal mandate for insurance coverage and existing essential health benefits all insurance companies are required to provide....

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